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General enquiries


Got a question? We can help you to select the most appropriate uniform for your staff, school or sporting club. We can also assist you with general research questions or product knowledge.


To contact us direct, simply click HERE and fill in the form or select a relevant option below. 



Showroom, Embroidery & Printing Factory

We have a showroom in Bayswater Melbourne which showcases samples of our biggest selling garments.

Please note the following regarding our showroom. We do not stock every garment in every colour in every size. To do this, we would need to be as big as Myer. This is a showroom and not a retail outlet.

To keep our RRP down, we keep the embroidery and most of the printing in house. We are one of the few uniform businesses in the country that actually do their own embroidery and printing. Please note that we the address below is NOT a retail outlet. We sell our uniforms via our online shop. The factory is where our embroidery and printing is done.


Retail Shop.

In our Bayswater address, we do sell Dark Blue Scrubs and Lab Coats direct out of the factory. These are the only items that we sell direct from our factory.



Factory 33

200 Canterbury Road

(Off Bayfield Road E)

Bayswater.     Victoria.     3153 



Australian Residents                  1300.7300.45

International Residents      +61 (3) 7001 1422